Thursday 13 August 2020

Chrome Sign Builder gets a reprieve.

For those schools using Chrome Sign Builder to provide digital signage, Googles announcement that it plans to phase out support for Chrome Apps over the next year came as a bit of bad news.

However in a recent update those schools using the app on Chrome OS got a small reprieve and will now receive support through to June 2022.  As a result enterprise administrators can continue submitting and updating private and unlisted apps for two more years but by June 2022 Chrome Apps platform will be entirely phased out.

Google says it's "committed to providing a useful extension platform for customising the browsing experience for all users." and that may extend to creating an alternative version based on the progressive webapp platform, so hope is not entirely lost.

These changes only refer to the Chrome Apps platform. The many Chrome extensions that education relies on will be around well after Chrome Sign Builder disappears.