Tips and Tricks

   -     Google Apps (SSO) with ADFS 3.0.

   -     Print Options with Google and Chromebooks

   -     Network Diagnostics on a Chromebook.

   -     Using MS Office with Google Drive.

   -     Regex Examples with GCDS.

   -     Sharing Cloud Printers with Google Groups.

   -     Recreating the local admin role in G Suite

   -     Using Team Drive in GSuite.

   -     Student Naming Schema

   -     Using Team Drive in GSuite

   -     Moving a VM infrastructure to the Cloud.

   -     Using the GSuite MDM to manage Windows devices.

   -     Using the GSuite MDM to manage BYOD devices.

   -     Integrating Google Cloud Print and GADS.

   -     Multiple Owners with Classroom Groups with GADS

   -     Creating Custom Bookmark Apps for Chrome.

   -     Blocking List URLs in Google

  -     Creating a Chromebook URL Whitelist

  -     URL List to bypass SSL inspection for Google

  -     Tools for Troubleshooting GMail

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