What's it all about?

Why would anybody take the servers out of a school.  It works so why change it?

I think few would argue that the current approach based on a capital investment in local infrastructure is ideal. As a solution it was never designed to be the optimal approach  - it was just the only way it could be done at the time. 

The adoption of public cloud technology and in particular Software as a Service (SaaS) means that there is now a practical alternative to every school maintaining a local datacentre. For this reason it might be a good time to re-examine the requirements just to make sure we're not just following an outdated design template.

The idea of a 'serverless school' certainly isn't new and there are many sites that already work this way but at the moment there seems to be an alignment of technologies that makes the argument particularly compelling and makes it worthy of further examination.

This blog plans to present some personal ideas and thoughts around that area, addressing both the technical challenges and opportunities it will provide.

 Hope you find it interesting.

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