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Sharing Cloud Printers with Google Groups

It's pretty simple to share a Google Cloud printer with another individual account but in academic environment that's fairly impractical. You really need to share to a Google group.

Assume that your print account is printer@myschool.com

Add printer@myschool.com as an owner of the group that you are trying to share the printer with.

Share the printer to the group using the printer@myschool.com account.

Switch to the printer@myschool.com email account and accept the shared printer for the entire group by accepting the e-mail.

When you share with groups, group administrators receive the invite that they accept on behalf of the group.

Alternatively if your personal account is already the owner of the group you can accept the invite on the users behalf.

Its also worth noting that while GCP uses standard common ports (443) for all print activities that's not true for status information. For this the server that hosts GCP needs to hold a persistent outbound connection to talk.google.com on port 5222 using TCP.

If the firewall is blocking this traffic your printer will be permanently offline because it will be unable to pass status information back to Google.