XP School - Doncaster - UK


XP School is a secondary school in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England which bases its practices on the extremely successful schools of High Tech High and Expeditionary Learning schools in the United States.

Since October 2015 the school has been operating in new premises which will accommodate total of 350 students across Years 7 to 13 from September 2020. The school's approach to serverless IT was born out of practicality rather than any fixed policy.

The user account directory and base productivity suite is provided by G Suite for Education managed through RealSmart with back office systems such as MIS, accounts and project management being provided by other SaaS vendors.

The school has a robust wireless network from Meru with a minimum of investment in access switches and fixed network ports. Network traffic is routed directly into core PoE switches provided by HP. Organisational client devices are either Mac laptops or Chromebooks managed through G Suite for Education.

Students and staff enjoy a liberal BYOD scheme without any restriction to onboarding onto the wireless network.The light approach to management encourages and expects high expectations of respect and integrity from the student toward personal and organisational devices.

High performance media and graphics requirements are covered by a suite of iMacs that are independently managed and backed up. All other data is held off site on Google Drive, within the workflow environment provided by Google Classroom or with other SaaS partners.

The internet is provides in a dedicated 100Mbs connection protected by a Smoothwall device which also provides DHCP and other related network services.  In May 2018 the school expanded to a new location, facilitated by a simple fibre connection back to the main site and adopted Securly for content filtering of Student Chromebooks.

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