Mapping Local Drives with InTune

Although MS InTune provides some some pretty clever configurations on Azure Joined Windows10 devices it's still weak in a number of areas, print management and the simple deployment of desktop shortcuts comes to mind.

In fact a lot of things that network managers have taken for granted over the years are not fully implemented and there's a good reason for this. In the new mobile world it's unlikely you'll be referencing a local print server in the same way you do now and web shortcuts can be managed through the browser.

One other feature that's taken a hit is network file share mapping. In the future we are far more likely to be saving to cloud storage than the local F: drive which is simply the wrong technology for a mobile workforce.

However for a while at least we are stuck with the F: drive - so how do you map a drive to a Azure Domain joined device.

Fortunately in this situation InTune allows you to fall back to Powershell client side scripting. In fact the answer to just about every question regarding extending InTune is to write some Powershell.

For this reason a number of these scripts have appeared as Azure Joined devices become more common in the workplace. I'll try to bring them together on this page as a come across them.

For a start Jos Lieben has published and very comprehensive script that allows the mapping of local drives so long as you have come local credentials you can provide.

 - Mapping Local Drives with InTune

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