Student Account Naming Schema

There are a number of schemes that can be used to create student email accounts and logons. The one described below has proved particularly useful in many situations.

It uses the student firstname, a character from the family name and the leaving year. For example;

Ivan Makiese           ian.m23
Steve Owens            steve.o23
Jimmy Perkins         james.p23
Ayaan Hassan          ayaan.h22

This approach has a number of advantages.
  •  The accounts are fairly short and are easy to remember while remaining personal to the student.
  •  Each account is identifiable in logs and groups to the teaching team without identifying the student to external parties.
  •  All student accounts contain numbers and are easily differentiated from staff accounts.
  •  Students accounts are easy to sort and filter into year groups.
  •  Students joining the year group at any point use the same address scheme as original joiners.
  •  Issues with long family names and special characters are avoided.
  •  Uniqueness is guaranteed within a class year. Any clashes can be fixed by extending the family name for one account.
  •  The use of the period avoids inappropriate character and word combinations.

A variation of this approach puts the leaving year at the start. This makes sorting even easier.

Ivan Makiese           23.ivan.m
Steve Owens            23.steve.o
James Page               23.james.p
Ayaan Hassan          22.ayaan.h

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